Harvest Moon Retrievers

Harvest Moon Retrievers is a small, very unique, family run in-home hobby breeder of the finest English Labradors.


* No runs, kennels, "petting zoo", or farm operation here, just family, show, and hunting companions of the highest quality.  


Our goal will always remain to provide families with hand raised, gentle, attentive easy to train personalities with lots of beauty and drive.  We are not an "exclusive" show breeder, and use our dogs as they were intended.  We know this makes the dog the happiest and healthiest it can be.


Important News: For additional information on upcoming litters please select the breeding tab on the left.


We offer your family a true 3 in 1 puppy.


One that can hunt in the morning, show in the afternoon, and be home around the fireplace with your family in the evenings.


We welcome your visit to our site, so take your time, look around, and when you're ready, Harvest Moon looks forward to providing you with a loyal friend, show, or hunting partner!


"Nobody has to have an ugly dog."




Harvest Moon Retrievers