Moon Dogs

In the Harvest Moon Retrievers  program, we select the best possible females with the finest blood lines, and match them with a Sire that not only enhances the Dams qualities, but strengthens any areas they dam may require a boost in.  


We review their lines and work hard to provide the best match, keeping with the quality of the past and providing you the finest puppy you can possibly own for any amount of money for your future.


Whatever their origins, the history of these Retrievers began in the 19th century when the English aristocracy began to import the dogs from various points around the world to develop the finest family, and sporting dogs possible.


Harvest Moon Retrievers are as close to those dogs as possible in every way.


Attitude, Structure, Soundness, Coat, Bone, Heads, and the Drive to hunt and retrieve.


Harvest Moon is Protecting the Breed Standard.....Always.


Important News:  For additional information on our English Labrador litters for 2018 , please visit the breedings button to your left.