Harvest Moons Labradors - New Blood

Harvest Moons Norwegian Winter "Ingrid"  


Ingrid brings in a whole new dimension to Harvest Moon Retrievers.  New lines, new blood and new enthusiasm for our English Labrador program.


We are excited to have her and have great expectations.  We promise to keep you posted on how she develops and on her testing, both here and on Harvest Moon Retrievers FB page.  (Pictured here at 7 weeks of age)








Centronuclear Myopathy - Clear by Parentage


Ingrid is a perfect blend of Hunt - Show and Family!


Harvest Moon Retrievers is committed to client satisfaction through breeding excellence. To achieve our vision, we must continuously improve the quality of all processes, breeding lines, and the services that we provide.


We are committed to doing so by making the proper investments in every area. One of our most important goals in producing the finest puppy any money can buy is to completely understand and continuously improve our breeding program.


The ownership of Harvest Moon Retrievers is focused on providing you and your family with the best of the best, period.  Our puppies are the dogs dreams are made of....  In very short order, and upon completion of all their testing, they will be ready to help you make your dreams come true as well.