Moondog Lifestyle Training Program

The Harvest Moon Lifestyle Pup concept is a pretty simple one really. 


We will take time to discuss your family hobbies and interests at length and come up with a training program that will take your new Harvest Moon Puppy to the level that best suits your family and its lifestyle.


The goal being to make the dog just as comfortable in the city as they are canoeing, camping, or hiking. 


A go-everywhere, family and outdoor companion.


Each puppy’s training program will be customized in the details of your family’s specific areas of interest and activity.


Enjoy a great family companion that has been acclimated to the hobbies and interests your family loves most.  A quiet calm easy going English type Labrador or European English Springer Spaniel from Harvest Moon. 


We are only limited by your imagination. 

  • ·         Biking
  • ·         Camping
  • ·         Hunting
  • ·         Fishing
  • ·         Boating
  •        Family
  •        Comfort 

Whatever you and your family love to do…so will your Harvest Moon Retriever.


Program rates are based on menu items selected for the program.