Harvest Moon Minute - Video Library

Let's face it, videos can be here for you when we can't!


Harvest Moon Retrievers is creating a video library, of tips and training related videos that are approximately one - three minutes in length that will get right to the heart of the matter.


In this area, it is Harvest Moons goal to keep those things right at your finger tips, so if you forget something or need a refresher we can be your resource for the basics.


We have recently invested in new video equipment so will also be doing our own series of videos covering basic training concepts, product reviews, and tips and techniques that a new puppy owner owner might like to see.   


Harvest Moon Retrievers, one source for everything Labrador! 


  • Harvest Moon Minute
  • Slip Lead Overview
  • Recall and Sit Overview
  • Training Basics
  • Basic Retrieve Exercises 
  • Avoid Dog Theft