Moon Philosophy

Harvest Moon Retrievers believes that temperament, soundness, good looks, and hunting ability all go hand in hand. There is no reason that a gorgeous dog can't work or that a working dog can't be wonderful to look at.  


In our selective breeding program, we use only AKC, OFA, CERF clear stock in our English Labradors, thus making every attempt to produce dogs that are genetically sound.


Genetics are what make the Retrievers, and although there are no absolutes, Harvest Moon Retrievers guarantees to you that we have done all we could to live up to our philosophy.  


We only have one litter a year and they are of the finest quality period.  


So why Harvest Moon you ask?.....You should read it again.


Important News:  For additional information on our upcoming English Labrador litters, please select the breeding tab on the left.