Harvest Moondog Puppy Head Start 

Harvest Moon Retrievers development and destination adaption skills is a three week introductory program that is designed to help build confidence in your puppy.


In this program, we will introduce your puppy a number of new and different situations in order to build their adaption and coping skills in these situations.


We will give your puppy a great deal of desensitization and and experience in the following areas:


  • Gunfire
  • Household, i.e. vacuums, music, kids, dogs, stairs
  • Car Rides/Crate
  • Multiple obstacles and terrains
  • Unsteady footing on multiple surfaces and heights
  • Crate
  • Bird Wing
  • Lead
  • Traffic
  • Crowds
  • Manners
  • Potty


Harvest Moondog Head Start begins at 8 weeks of age, and continues until 11 weeks of age. The cost of the entire program including food is only $500.00, and only offered to our puppy buyers.


These spots fill up quickly , so pre-planning and reservations are always required to ensure your dog is ready to provide for you the greatness you deserve.


Bird down (Watch the video below to get fired up!!)



Amazing Corn Yeti Sighting.
Amazing Corn Yeti Sighting.