Harvest Moon Started Dogs

Trust us it is always better when you have a great dog to make the retrieve....


So when you are considering the aquisition of a pre-trained dog to whatever level, the hardest part is defining your expectations. What a started dog is to some could be a finished dog to others, with all kinds of varience in between.


Many consider a started dog, one in which all basic introductions have been taken care of, (intro to birds, guns, water, etc.) and started basic obedience. Others may want all of that in combination with force fetch, boat intro, blind intro etc.


Harvest Moon will develop a customized program for you and your family.


We only train our own pups, so we have a better idea of what to expect  for temperment, ability to learn, and desire to retrieve.  We will work with you on a menu of items to get a dog to where you need it. 


For example if you only hunt ducks, and only from the cut corn, we would not focus on upland training, or introduction to boats, etc.  The situations for the dog are different, so we train and introduce things the dog would expect to see in that type of situation.  


Creating a higher degree of success for the dog and a much happier owner.    


Please use the Started Labrador tabs on the left or give us a call to see if we have any pups available or any dogs currently in the program that may be right for you and your families needs. 


Thanks again and pick a feather!